Liquidity Mining

10% of TCR supply (100,000,000 TCR) has been allocated to a 5 year liquidity mining rewards program. Of this, 50% is scheduled for release during the first six months, 28.5% during the first 4 weeks.
40,000,000 TCR is allocated to primary market liquidity and 60,000,000 is allocated to secondary market liquidity. See below for details.

How to Earn

Rewards are given to traders that stake primary and secondary market liquidity. Primary market liquidity is Perpetual Pool leveraged tokens. Secondary market liquidity is Balancer AMM pool tokens (BPT tokens). Staking rewards for the first 6 months of the program can be seen below:
Cumulative TCR rewards release for the initial 6 months of the liquidity mining program.
Traders can stake appropriate liquidity tokens using the staking interface. Rewards are determined by the proportion of pool tokens (or BPT tokens) provided by each unique address. There is no vesting for TCR rewards. Rewards will accrue continuously and can be claimed at any time. TCR rewards are eligible for all markets at launch.

Rewards Allocation

TCR Allocation (%)
Staked Token
BPT token for (base asset33%/S-token 33%/ L-token 33%) AMM pools
BPT token for (base asset 50%/S-token 33%/L-token 17%) AMM pools3
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